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White Marlin on a Squidnation Dredge Video

The guys of the Pumpin Hard were one of the first crews to successfully deploy dredge videos.  Just last week I was watching a show on sharks, I think was on Shark week where they had incredible video of a shark eating a dredge.  Well here is an excellent view of a white marlin menacing a Squidnation Rubber Mauler Squid Dredge.  The color choice is Tuna Candy which is a clear squid with pink insert and purple dots.

If you are interested in purchasing a PalegicView Dredge then hit these guys up on facebook.  They make some incredible stuff and if you google them you will see some unbelievable video footage of all sorts of critters on their PalegicView Dredges.

The Squidnation Promise

Squidnation was built out of a passion for offshore fishing.  Squidnation is a thriving family owned and operated business providing products for fisherman worldwide.  We pride ourselves on testing every single product we come out with and sell on the market.  When we say “we” we mean the owners of the company.  Our promise to you is that we will test it ourselves and if the product doesn’t work we will not release it.  It is still our passion to fish as much as we can and to make products that we will use ourselves.

reach us at or give Bill a call at 410-726-3582.  Leave a message if he doesn’t answering he’s probably out product testing somewhere!

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