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Thinking Out of the Box

Sometimes it seems that we get stuck in doing what “everybody else” is doing.  Seems like I am always getting in trouble in the cockpit trying something new.  But sometimes it works.  And when it works we get excited and try to perfect it.  Hey if we all weren’t tinkerers to a certain extent we would all still be trolling dead eels and mullet on heavy wire with J hooks and using linen thread as fishing line on broom sticks and car wenches.  Ballyhoo was an innovation a long time ago.  Now it is the staple natural bait almost worldwide.  Someone had to come up with the idea that a ballyhoo was a better bait of choice then an eel, mullet or squid.

old time


Recently I have been getting a bunch of pics of customers thinking out of the box.  Mixing colors that typically wouldn’t be mixed. Mixing sizes and downsizing or upsizing just to try something different.

Penny bars2


So next time the bite is slowing down try lightening that dredge weight a little, dropping it back further, mixing some colors.  We honestly will never knows what works best until we try tinkering.  You may be surprised at the success of your new spread.

Sea Toy with a blue marlin release in Bermuda

Sea Toy with a blue marlin release in Bermuda

We are often asked why, if your Squid Dredges are so effective do you have to come out with new stuff? The answer is pretty simple.  We never stop tinkering to provide a better made, more effective product and we never stop listening to our customers.  The Fat Daddy Dredge that we have started selling has proven to be an outstanding big eye attractant and hell on the late summer and fall white marlin.   We would have never even thought of making these small squid dredges if customers hadn’t persistently kept asking for a tiny red or pink squid for sailfishing in Costa Rica, where the sailfish feed on tiny red Lantern fish.  The Costa Rican fishery lead us to produce a product that got the minds of international captains wondering how it would produce in another fishery.

The Pink Fat Daddy Dredge. Born in Costa Rica for Pacific sails. Flourishing in Mid atlantic for Big eyes and white marin.

The Pink Fat Daddy Dredge. Born in Costa Rica for Pacific sails. Flourishing in Mid-Atlantic for Big eyes and white marlin.

One thing we have learned through much trial and error and speaking to old salt crews is that many folks believe an effective spread really antagonizes a fish into a reaction to strike a bait.  That is quite a bit different then thinking a spread is designed to feed a fish.  Weather the thought is correct or incorrect is in the mind of the spread setter.  One thing is for sure.  We have constantly been testing this theory with our new Flippy Floppy and have noticed that most spread attacks commence at the Flippy Floppy Teaser and then filter down to the rest of the spread.

No Problem

A blue marlin that attacked the Blue and White Flippy Floppy for the No Problem during the 2015 White Marlin Open

So next time your spread needs a little jump start try thinking out of the box.  Keep an open mind and think about combining some of your techniques that you typically wouldn’t.  Try cutting open the belly of a meat fish you caught and see what you find.  Match the size and color (live color if you know it) of what you find in the belly.  Tighten the spread or drop it back. Fool around with you speeds and leader sizes.  As my buddy Blake down south told me.  Conventional thinking will yield conventional results.  You never know, you may find that your custom spread leads you to the winners circle.

The Cockpit of the Tranquilo

The Cockpit of the Tranquilo

The Tranquilo has been on the forefront of testing out new techniques and products in offshore trolling.  The team has seen its share of appearances in the winners circle in the last few years.


The Squidnation Promise

Squidnation was built out of a passion for offshore fishing.  Squidnation is a thriving family owned and operated business providing products for fisherman worldwide.  We pride ourselves on testing every single product we come out with and sell on the market.  When we say “we” we mean the owners of the company.  Our promise to you is that we will test it ourselves and if the product doesn’t work we will not release it.  It is still our passion to fish as much as we can and to make products that we will use ourselves.

reach us at or give Bill a call at 410-726-3582.  Leave a message if he doesn’t answering he’s probably out product testing somewhere!



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