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Streaker Wins 34th Annual Ocean City Marlin Club Canyon Kickoff

Final day excitement and perfect angling was necessary to win the 34th Annual Ocean City Marlin Club Canyon Kickoff.  This tournament has long been considered the tournament that kicks off the Ocean City Season.

Sunday the remaining teams of the 51 boat field headed off to a small patch of water deep in the Poormans Canyon.  The day was unseasonable cool with a constant drizzle of rain.  But that didn’t dampen the attitude and skills of the Streaker crew as Captain Doug Rollins put them on enough fish necessary to win the tournament.  The crew was perfect scoring 4 releases out of 4 bites.  That was enough to edge out the Haulin N Ballin.

Angler/Owner John Simmonds and Mate Bill Mengason were all smiles after perfect day offshore

Angler/Owner John Simmonds and Mate Bill Mengason were all smiles after a perfect day offshore

Captain Rollins said they were using a combination of Electric Blue and Sparkle Red Squidnation Dredges on one side and a mullet dredge on the other.  “We had a white come to the Red Dredge and another to the Squidnation Green Flippy Floppy, It took that green flippy and wouldn’t turn it loose. Finally after some effort it pulled the skirted trailing ballyhoo off the teaser and switched. Fun when they are that excited to eat!”

Captain Howard Lynch lead the Haulin N Ballin to a 2nd place finish scoring 2 releases on day 1 and a single release on their final day on Saturday.   The 3rd white marlin on the final day edged out The crew of the First Light who finished the tournament with 2 white marlin releases.  Captain Howard Lynch said,” we had all the Squidnation stuff out there.  The first day white came off a flatline bite probably off the Squidnation Electric Blue Dredge“.  A special congrats to 13 yr old angler Torrie J for catching her first white marlin of the season during the tournament.


The Haulin n Ballin 2nd Place

First Light Captain Corey Kennington said,”We had a white marlin all over the Squidnation Super Dark Green Flippy Floppy on day 1 and also had some to the Squidnation Fat Daddy Dredge“.

Marlin are always the top target species in any of the Ocean City Marlin Club Tournaments but typically the marlin fishing has not gotten into full swing in early July so there is always a big emphasis on the meat fish categories.  The last couple of years have been dominated by Big Eye tunas that have set up camp in Wilmington, Washington and Norfolk Canyons.  But this year the top tuna was won with an impressive 125.8lb yellowfin caught by the crew of the Brenda Lou.

Brenda Lou Yellowfin

125.8lb Yellowfin Earned the Crew of the Brenda Lou the Top Tuna. Photo Courtesy of Dave Messick- Hooked on OC.

Capt Frank Goodheart said the crew was pulling a Squidnation Red Sparkle Dredge and an Electric Blue Squidnation Chain.  The big sickle fin ate a dink bait on a tld 25 and took an hour and 40 minutes to boat.  That is as an impressive catch on any tackle let alone on a TLd25.

Congrats to all the winners and participants in the tournament.  Next up is the Ocean City Tuna Tournament.  Come by the tent on Wednesday July 8th in the parking lot of the Ocean City Fishing Center and check out the entire line of Squidnation and Pakula Products.


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