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Squidnation Slammers Released- Chuggers Setting Records in Two Oceans

The call came from the Bridge of the Natural. Capt Chuck Gregory had said he felt we were going to break a record today and angler Kim Hermanowski had just released her blue marlin.  That made 12 for the day and that fish tied the Cap Cana Marina record that Hey Chama had set a few years prior.  Now it was time to break it.

It didn’t take long for angler Amanda Cofer to hook up again to break the record and one more for insurance.  At the end of the day Natural with anglers Ken Cofer, Amanda Cofer, Kim Hermanowski, Bill Pino and Capt Chuck Gregory and mate Miguelito Santana celebrated with high 5’s and hugs excited that we had done something special on a day when we were just happy to be out fishing in the Dominican Republic.

That day was the second time team Tranquilo had used Squidnations newest product the Slammer Chugger.  The team was 10 for 14 using the Slammers and 4 for 9 using the larger Hooker style heads.  The Slammer Chugger is a tiny chugger with a head diameter of 11mm.  Slammers were made because of customer requests for a circle hook friendly chugger that would not impede in the hook up procedure using circle hooks. Typically the common circle hook sizes for pelagic fish are between 7/0 and 9/0. For the purpose of this demonstration we are using a VMC 8/0 non- offset circle hook.


Slammer Chugger with an 8/0 VMC Circle Hook demonstrates that the gap of the hook is bigger then the diameter of the head.

Standard Mini Chugger showing that the diameter of the head is larger then the gap of the 8/0 circle hook and could impede a hook ip

Standard Mini Chugger showing that the diameter of the head is larger then the gap of the 8/0 circle hook and could impede a hook ip

In order for a circle hook to work properly it must not have anything impede the process of exiting the body and getting caught in the corner of the mouth. Stand Mini Chuggers and Stubbies while excellent for some applications tend to impede the hook up because the diameter of their heads are greater then the gap of the circle hook. So we decided to make the diameter of the Squidnation Slammer actually be smaller then the gap of the circle hook so upon exit it will catch the corner of the mouth with little issue. Check out the difference between the Standard Mini C and the Squidnation Slammer. It shows here clearly that the there is no oversized head to impede the hook up. This allows the hook easily to exit the body and catch the corner of the mouth.


Slammer Chugger showing that becuse of the small diameter the hook should be able to extract and catch the corner of the mouth without issue.

We mentioned in the top of this write up that it was the 2nd time team Tranquilo used the Squidnation Slammers.  The first time was actually in Nicaragua at the Flor De Cana Touranament.  We sparingly used them on the 1st and 2nd days of the tournament with moderate success.  But the team set a tournament record and won with 127 sails released in the 3 day event.


Teaam Tranquilo releasing a Pacific Sailfish using a Purple and Black Squidantion Slammer during the tournament.

The 3rd and final test of the Slammers came last week during the 22nd El Salvador International Billfish Tournament.  As a team we had gained much more confidence using the Slammers after some minor tweeking.  We used them on the practice day and found great success on Sails and nice sized yellowfin Tuna.

30lb Dorado on a Pink Squidnation Slammer

30lb Dorado on a Pink Squidnation Slammer

80lb Yellowfin Tuna caught on a Blue and White Squidnation Slammer

80lb Yellowfin Tuna caught on a Blue and White Squidnation Slammer

The anglers felt confident enough to use the Slammers on Day 1 on half of the baits.  When the bell finally rang and it was time to go home Tranquilo tallied 43 sails and were in 1st place.  After the 3 day even Tranquilo had secured 1st place setting a tournament record 117 sails released and a 1 day record of 50 sails released.

The team felt confident that these little heads really improved the hook percentage and helped win the tournament.  We will be posting rigging videos soon so please stand by.  In the meantime the Slammers are now available at many of your local tackle shops.  If your favorite shop doesn’t have them please ask them to contact us at 410 873 3282

The Squidnation Promise

Squidnation was built out of a passion for offshore fishing.  Squidnation is a thriving family owned and operated business providing products for fisherman worldwide.  We pride ourselves on testing every single product we come out with and sell on the market.  When we say “we” we mean the owners of the company.  Our promise to you is that we will test it ourselves and if the product doesn’t work we will not release it.  It is still our passion to fish as much as we can and to make products that we will use ourselves.

reach us at or give Bill a call at 410-726-3582.  Leave a message if he doesn’t answering he’s probably out product testing somewhere!



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