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News Flash- Fish Eat Squid

Kona, Hawaii- The bite came on the right corner.  Tracy Epstein thought it was spear.  Later on he caught a nice blue about 550lbs.  When they cleared the Squidnation Longtail 665 Squid dredge the mate noticed one squid was missing.  They thought the blue had taken it but…..

Chris Choy Squid dredges

When a buddy sent me this text he received from Chris Choy in Hawaii I had to know the rest of the story.  So I sent Tracy Epstein a message and asked if these were his squids that he bought from Melton Tackle.  Here is his response.

” Hey bill that would be our squid.  We’ve been running two squid dredges for the last few months and the spear fish won’t leave them alone.  Usually the spears pick on the longer baits but since we’ve had the dredges the majority of our bites start on the big lures right behind the boat.  Few days ago we had a corner bite in the morning but missed what we believed to be a spear.  We caught a 550 blue a few hours later but didn’t check our dredge till we came in.  My mate told me we were missing a squid and we assumed the blue ate it off.  Tim hicks who caught the spear is only 5 boats down from us on the dock and we over heard that they caught a spear with a pink squid in it.  Being that no one really pulls dredges in Kona we knew it was ours.   Being a Kona guy we don’t like to try new things but Ive quickly become a believer in the dredges.  We caught a 165 pound ahi yesterday just trolling our marlin spread.  This is unusual this time of year and we were the only boat to catch a tuna.  Could be coincidence but I’d like to think not.

Really like what you guys are doing with the squids.  Nice to have better options then just mold crafts”

Now anyone can say that it is a odd occurrence but just a week earlier we got a video from Anthony Petrilli on the Carnivore out of Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, Costa Rica.  The video clearly showed a squid taking a Killer Pink 9inch Squid off of his Squidnation Dredge.

Squidnation Dredges have become the staple artificial dredge in the industry.  We recommend Squid Dredges for all you pelagic trolling adventures.  We have received reports from fishermen fishing every ocean in the world that Squidnation Dredges are out preforming any other artificial dredge in the world and in some areas they are even out performing natural bait dredges.  In Thailand Capt Andrew Inman has been putting up higher numbers of released sails then ever before.  He says Squidnation Dredges are the key to raising sails.  In Cape Verde Captain Brad Philipps says that the Electric Blue Dredge has been an absolute Marlin raiser.  The marlin bites on whatever side of the boat the dredge is on period! There is probably not a boat in Costa Rica that is not trolling a Killer Pink or a Red Sparkle Squidnation Squid Dredge.  They are that effective on Pacific Sailfish.

Weather it be Big Eye’s, Yellowfins, Bluefins, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish or Spearfish it doesn’t really matter for one simple reason. Fish eat squid!  Hell, I can’t get out of a good restaurant without a nice plate of calamari.  That’s because nothing goes down like a Squid.

The Squidnation Promise

Squidnation was built out of a passion for offshore fishing.  Squidnation is a thriving family owned and operated business providing products for fisherman worldwide.  We pride ourselves on testing every single product we come out with and sell on the market.  When we say “we” we mean the owners of the company.  Our promise to you is that we will test it ourselves and if the product doesn’t work we will not release it.  It is still our passion to fish as much as we can and to make products that we will use ourselves.

reach us at or give Bill a call at 410-726-3582.  Leave a message if he doesn’t answering he’s probably out product testing somewhere!



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