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La Tigresa Proving to be a Top Blue Marlin Producer

Squidnation has become known worldwide for its Rubber Mauler Squids.  The company continues to innovate in this field with new releases such as the customer requested Long Tail Rubber Squids.  So when it was decided to engineer, manufacture and test a lure I was rather apprehensive.  Quite honestly we are not lure fisherman.  I know that is probably not a very marketing savvy line when trying to sell a lure but it is the truth.  So we decided to interview some top lure fisherman.  The FAD Series of lures was born and we commenced testing these products throughout Central America.  Two of these FAD Series Lures have risen to the top.  One of the lures, La Tigresa has dominated the field testing arena in every instance it has touched the water.  Quite frankly it is on fire and the latest report we just received further convinces us of the productiveness of La Tigresa.

La Tigresa is a Squidnation FAD Series Lure

La Tigresa is a Squidnation FAD Series Lure

La Tigresa was born of a simple idea.  We wanted a two color head that would troll well at traditional blue marlin speeds as well as prove to be an effective Pacific Sailfish teaser as a hookless plug.  We were guided by some of Costa Rica’s best local guides as to the colors that should be used and we watched videos and discussed presentation as to what action would be needed to generate a strike.  We also wanted it to be made here in the United States so that changes could be made on the fly instead of working back and forth with overseas producers.  When the final prototype was produced we couldn’t wait to get her wet.


On the first day of trolling the Seamounts off of Costa Rica La Tigresa received its first strike from a Striped Marlin.  Throughout the two days we logged La Tigresa receiving 74% of the bites.  A month later we took La Tigresa to the Sailfish rich waters off of Guatemala and were pleasantly surprised to see La Tigresa raise many sailfish to the spread in what is typically a slower spot on the boat we were fishing on.  At the moment Capt. Victor Julio of the Tranquilo looked at me and said prototype or not that lure is never leaving this boat.


La Tigresa nails another Marlin – Photo By Alex Bernhard


Not to be outdone by La Tigresa is another FAD Series Lure that is not far behind in the strike count.  El Chapin gained its namesake because of a straight troll from Guatemala to El Salvador.  I wasn’t really aware of what the guys were doing but they decided to play a trick on me.  Tranquilo owner Ken Cofer decided to replace one of my lures with a competitor’s lure and see which would gather the most strikes.  Within 5 minutes of trolling the El Chapin received a strike from a wahoo but came unbuttoned.  I still didn’t know that something other than a Squidnation Lure was on the other side.  The guys kept quiet and reset El Chapin and the straight line trolled was back underway.  Still in Guatemalan waters the left lure, the El Chapin had the 50wide screaming and a blue started dancing away from the Tranquilo.  I was very excited to see a Squidnation Lure work so well but when I saw Daniel the mate clear the other line I was pretty damn happy to see that our prototype lure had a 2-0 lead against the competitor.  The guys had a good laugh at my expense as well.


El Chapin fools a Guatemalan Blue Marlin – Photo by Bill Pino


After a quick battle the Blue was released and El Chapin was born.  The name El Chapin is the moniker that Guatemalans gave themselves.  So we decided to name it that since we caught the fish in Guatemalan waters.

Both El Chapin and La Tigresa split the workload on the left short teaser in the 20th Annual International El Salvador Billfish Tournament and neither disappointed as Tranquilo ran away with the top Sailfish award and a brand new car.

So that brings us to this morning.  I received a call from a friend who had chartered the Tranquilo for a seamount trip targeting Blue Marlin.  While the fishing was a bit slow for seamount standards, La Tigresa shined as the top star of the spread.  It was reported to me that Tranquilo had 22 marlin bites and 70% of the bites were to La Tigresa.  Consistency is the absolute deciding factor when it comes to gaining a spot in the spread.  La Tigresa has been the top strike producer of the spread on every single venture out to sea.  While the sample size is still young it is very telling AND VERY EXCITING to see our prototype take off.

We will be making a batch of La Tigresa and El Chapin Lures and will be taking pre-orders if you are interested in purchasing these two effective lures.  Please contact your local Squidnation dealer or call us at 410-726-3582 or email us at  Photos in the Blog entry are by Alex Bernhart and Bill Pino


La Tigresa with another Costa Rican Blue Marlin – Photo By Alex Bernhard


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