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Chelita and Tranquilo Maintain Lead at El Salvador International Billfish Tournament

?Neither Halloween nor the masked crew of the Tranquilo scared the fish away in El Salvador yesterday.  

Day 2 was action packed from the minute lines were in.  CHELITA widened its lead when a black marlin ate a Squidnation Flippy Floppy and was quickly chased down by the small center console.


Bushwacker with a team USA aboard had a solid day finding a pod of fish to themselves.  The team ended up with 23 sails.


Another sail fooled by theSquidnation Flippy Floppy

Tranquilo and Monique were also of by themselves and found a pod of fish.  Both teams went fish for fish throughout the day.  Tranqulio’s Amanda Cofer once again got the marlin bite of the day and released a striped marlin.  The team failed to tag the fish however and remains behind Chelita in the standings.  Both teams have two marlin but since Chelita tagged both fish they have a 50 point lead.

In the sailfish division Tranqulio has the lead over Bushwacker 5200 to 3700 points and Portovenere is in 3rd with 3200 points, El Jefe with 3000.  Today is the final day.

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