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“Catchin A Buzz” Wins Bisbees Black and Blue, Tranquilo Brings Home Over $2.4 Million

So imagine catching a fish that is worth $2.4 million on a Wednesday and having to wait until Friday to get the results.

At 12:31pm on the final day of THE Super Bowl of Sportfishing, angler Tyler Squire got a nibble.  After 33 minutes of battling the marlin the fish was boat side.  There was no debate on weather to release or gaff this fish. She was well over the 300lb minimum so the crew got to work and landed the marlin and headed for the scales.  As the fish was hoisted up high on the scale the number kept getting bigger stopping at an even 500 lbs.  The crew of the “Catchin A Buzz” had just realized their dream of winning The Bisbees Black and Blue.

The Crew of Catchin A Buzz with their 1st place 500lb Marlin. Photo by Bisbees Black and Blue

The Crew of Catchin A Buzz with their 1st place 500lb Marlin. Photo by Bisbees Black and Blue

The story of the tournament however goes to the traveling tournament team Tranquilo.  Tranquilo owner Ken Cofer assembled a team consisting of his wife Amanda Cofer and friends Robbie Hood and Michael Moretti along with his crew Captain Victor Julio Pizzaro, Mate Daniel Arrieta and guest mate DJ Dejarnette.  They packed their rods and reels and some lunch meat, left Costa Rica and headed to Mexico for a 3 week tour.  Well they are coming home with enough money to make Thurston Howell blush.

On day one of the Bisbees, Angler Michael Moretti battled a blue to boatside rather quickly.  The blue marlin needed to weigh a minimum of 300lbs to qualify for the $3.5 million potential pot of winnings.  Deciding if a fish weighs over 300lbs is easy when it weighs 500lbs like the fish caught by “Catchin a Buzz “.  But one that is just as capable of weighing 290 as it is 310lbs is a totally different story.  The crew had the fish to the boat three times and after some discussion the decision to take the fish was finally made.   The marlin measured 105 inches in length by 50 inches in girth.  The team applied the formula that estimates weight and came up with a weight of 325lbs.  When Tranquilo arrived at the scales the fish started to look a little small by some members.  Those nerves turned to elation when the scale settled on 327lbs.

Angler Michael Moretti with his 327lb Blue Marlin. Photo by Bisbees

Angler Michael Moretti with his 327lb Blue Marlin. Photo by Bisbees

Tranquilo had a dream week after a tumultuous journey traveling through a tropical storm on the 1900 miles journey from Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, Costa Rica.  When they arrived they decided to fish The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament.  This was a last minute decision but a wise one by the team.  The team won a daily jackpot and earned them a nice check for $13,000.  The very next day they were to start the Lil Bisbees Billfish Tournament.  At 1:50pm a black marlin struck a black and green lure on the right long.  Remember that little fact folks.  Angler Michael Moretti battled the fish for 27 minutes.  The black marlin weight 399lbs and put them in first place.  They had to endure a day of waiting but in the end they ended up with a fish worth $460,000.

Tranquilo Wins the Lil Bisbees. Photo by Jenny Arrieta

Tranquilo Wins the Lil Bisbees. Photo Courtesy of Amanda Cofer

Next up was the Bisbees Black and Blue Billfish Tournament.  The Super Bowl, the richest tournament in sport fishing.  The Tranquilo team had to put those two wins behind them and concentrate on the reason they came to Mexico in the first place.  To most of us that would be a hard thing to do.  But this is not the first time owner Ken Cofer and crew have hoisted the big check.  Ken is also the winner of the largest purse in White Marlin Open history when his team on the Desperado won a cool $1.65 million in 2005 with a 78.5 lb white marlin.  That fish was caught on the first day.  Remember that little fact folks.

Day 1 is an incredible day for all tournament fishermen.  Anticipation is high because everybody has a shot at that winning fish. Nobody is leading and nobody is chasing.  Excitement is escalated by the shotgun style start at the Bisbees.  When the gun goes off 121 boats race off to the fishing grounds in search of what could be a $3.5 million fish.

Tranquilo was fishing around the same spot as they were three days prior.  At almost the exact time at the exact location and using the exact same black and green lure in the exact same right long position angler Michael Moretti  got a little nimble……….again.  As he did just three days ago Michael battled the fish to boatside and the crew did what they do best.  With that fish in the boat the Tranquilo was headed back to the scales.  Their long journey to Mexico was about to become a dream trip of a lifetime.  When the fish hit the scales they knew they had won an incredible $825,000 daily jackpot.  But the fish was barely a qualifier.  Surely it would be beat later in the week.  Well that was the same thought Ken had on that Monday in August fishing off of Ocean City, Maryland in 2005.  78.5lbs is a nice white marlin but someone will catch a bigger one in the next 4 days.  327lbs is a nice blue marlin but this is the Bisbees.  Surely someone that is in all or most all of the daily jackpots will catch a bigger fish.  Well they didn’t! At around 6:00pm yesterday Ken and his crew could finally stop waiting.

Congrats to the crews of the winning team “Catchin A Buzz”, 2nd place “5 More Minutes” and Tranquilo 3rd place on an excellent performance in the 2015 Bisbees Black and Blue Billfish Tournament.  Tonight they will celebrate. Tomorrow Tranquilo will head to El Salvador for the 21 International El Salvador Billfish Tournament.

Austin Angel, Arturo Moreno and Jenny Arrieta Pizzaro and daughter give the marlin some revenge by hanging Capt Victor Julio Pizzaro at the scales. Photo By Stephen Weitzen

Austin Angel, Arturo Moreno and Jenny Arrieta Pizzaro and daughter give the marlin some revenge by hanging Capt Victor Julio Pizzaro at the scales. Photo By Stephen Weitzen

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