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Blue Marlin are loving That Flippy Floppy Thing

Hey folks its been a while since we have posted on the blog.  We thought we would share a few of the blue marlin pics and videos we have been getting from our customers.  It seems that the Flippy Floppy is gaining some permanent teaser positions on boats because of its effectiveness to raise blue marlin.  We love hearing that. Here is a video from the crew of the Who Dat with some awesome marlin release footage.

Also Mike Kelly from The Billfish Foundation sent me the link to this blue marlin caught by the crew of the Nereus.  Thanks Mike.


Had a couple good days fishing out of Ocean City, Md last week on the Blood Money and First Light.  Friday First Light owner Jim Rodgers asked if I could bring along a Super Dark Green Squidnation Flippy Floppy.  We put it out on the left teaser and it raised the first fish of the day.  Nice blue that put on quite a show after Jim picked it off the Flippy Floppy with his dink bait.


JIm Rodgers fighting a blue marlin on his First Light

Jim’s blue marlin but on a great show for us.  This photo and the cover photo are of Jim’s blue.  We also had a couple whites on the day.


The next day Jim went back out and reported back to us that he got 4 out of 7 white marlin and had some beautiful white marlin bites on the dolphin green Flippy Floppy and the Red Sparkle Fat Daddy Dredge by Squidnation.


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